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Mar 2, 2014

Truly Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template

Unlimited Digital Assets
PureScroll is truly multipurpose theme which includes 24 individually designed unique elements, giving you ability to combine them the way you want – from company’s websites, personal portfolios, creative agencies, music bands, showcase you app…you name it. It’s super easy to use, yet very powerful and elegantly designed with modern look in mind. 

PureScroll - Truly Multipurpose HTML5 Template

PureScroll - Truly Multipurpose HTML5 Template Features

9 Pre-defined header elements
You can easily choose from 9 pre-defined elements including:
  • Single Logo
  • Slider + tagline (choose from two types)
  • Responsive Title + tagline
  • Full screen cover (transparency controlled by scroll)
  • + many more
Parallax effect – without limits
Parallax is cool, we all know that. In PureScroll each element can have it’s own parallax effect. You can easily combine different backgrounds and they will work on every device, on every screen resolution!
Full documentation (like 32 A4 pages)
Ok, we covered everything in this manual. From the easiest parts of this template to those which are a bit complicated. It’s included with the project itself and there are many tips & tricks how you can set up your website in no time at all. It’s huge. We mean it, so please think twice if you really need to print it out (we love our planet so should you and keep only digital versions of documents like this one)
Truly responsive
PureScroll is beautiful no matter on which device you browsing. Everything is crystal clear and elements are placed with ‘touch gestures’ in mind. Try it for yourself and resize the window to see the awesome scaling in real time.
Retina ready – a.k.a very, very high dpi
We created PureScroll with retina in mind, therefore we used vector graphics wherever possible. This results in crisp graphics even on the highest dpi screens plus it reduces loading time significantly because your visitors don’t need to download unnecessary images.
Ajax loading – say goodbye to page refresh
You know that – you click on a link which is followed by page refresh so everything needs to be loaded again. This slows down everything and browsing your site feels like from 1997. PureScroll uses AJAX technique which loads portfolio elements after you click on them, not before. Everything is done in the background so you won’t even notice anything. That’s why PureScroll is so effective in loading times
Pre-defined: patterns, colour overlays, buttons
  • 6x Patterns – put any of these patterns over you images or entire sections. You can use them with parallax as well!
  • 5x Colour overlays – Not a big fan of patterns? Use colour overlays instead.
  • 7x Button styles – Pick the right colour and style in seconds. Can get much simpler than that.
Download Multipurpose HTML5 Theme

24 unique elements (absolutely unique)
PureScroll is all about multi-purpose use. We were thinking how to create a template which doesn’t require further modifications and it’s suitable for almost everyone. We included some pretty unique elements to help, like:
  • Filterable Awards section
  • Upcoming Events section
  • Skills section
  • + many more
Unlimited support
Any problems with PureScroll? Let us know and we take a look and will be in touch within a few hours. And there is no limit : ask as many questions as you like, as often as you want and anytime you want – even 5 years from now :) On top of that we will give 20% off voucher to every customer for any custom modifications you might require in the future.
369 icons included (and they are responsive!)
We’ve included entire FontAwesome library wich includes 369 fully responsive, retina ready icons. You can choose your own colour, size, position, everything.
Filterable portfolio (responsive, AJAX)
Portfolio section inside PureScroll is a state art of design and code. It’s sharp, crisp, responsive on surface and extremely powerful in the background. You can create your own filtering categories & different styles, like:
  • Slider with images
  • Video + additional images
  • Slider controlled with carousel
  • + many more
Truly multi-purpose
PureScroll with it’s unique elements is designed to serve multiple scenarios. You can make it as your business website, personal portfolio, app showcase, music band website with upcoming gigs section, creative agency…you name it. PureScroll is the only onepage template you need to fit most of your needs.
Crystal clear, modern design
PureScroll uses latest trends in design. It’s based on new iOS 7 design using simple font with limited colour palette. We’ve stripped all unnecessary clutter away, leaving PureScroll with modern and ctrystal clear design.

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Truly Responsive Multipurpose HTML5 Template
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