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Mar 3, 2014

Londinium - Responsive Bootstrap v3 Admin Template

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Londinium – a new premium admin skin with lots of custom elements, 35+ plugins and very flexible content structure. Londinium is powered with Bootstrap framework, includes 2 columns liquid structure with 4 level navigation and 2 sidebar options, horizontal and vertical navigation structures. Compatible with Bootstrap 3.1.1 and latest jquery versions. Integrated bootstrap plugins add an extra easy to use components to custom stuff like buttons, dropdown menus, different button sizes and many other features. Londinium is a responsive template, which means it is compatible with mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. 12 columns grid for main content and widgets makes the whole template very flexible for different types of data and content. Londinium admin template contains the most useful Bootstrap components and other jQuery plugins. 

Supports 2 sidebar versions – wide and narrow, which is left or right aligned. Also Bootstrap default navbar menus add extra functionality for horizontal navigation layout option.

Londinium template uses CSS3 animation for almost all existing components and elements, such as links, buttons, dropdowns, tooltips, popovers, charts etc.

Also there is a custom Icomoon icon font available by default, which contains 850+ high quality icon glyphs, based on 16px grid.

Londinium - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template  (Demo and Download)

Responsive Bootstrap v3 Admin Theme
Londinium - Responsive Bootstrap 3 Admin Template  Features
  • Liquid 2 columns layout
  • Wide and narrow sidebars
  • Left or right sidebar positions
  • Static or fixed top navbar
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Top horizontal navigation
  • 4 level main navigation menu
  • Collapse sidebar
  • Disabled navigation items feature
  • Custom info blocks, grid buttons and widgets
  • Integrated Flot charts
  • Page tabbed interface
  • Custom form snippets
  • Team members page
  • Profile page
  • Animated styled checkboxes and radios
  • Spinners with mousewheel support and support of globalization
  • Checkbox toggles
  • Date range picker with custom layout
  • Language switch menu
  • Custom search dropdown with autocomplete
  • Custom Icomoon icon font integrated
  • Styled basic tables
  • Form components:
    • Basic inputs: text and password fields, placeholder, max value, predefined value, disabled and read only fields, textarea etc.
    • 3 input sizes
    • Form helpers: text and labels
    • Hover and Focus tooltips
    • Fields with left and right aligned icons
    • Validation classes
    • Group addons: icons, buttons, text, checkboxes, radios, dropdowns.
    • Textareas: elastic and with counter
    • Tags input
    • Animated styled checkboxes and radios, including 5 color schemes
    • Styled single file uploader
    • Set of unstyled form components: selects, radios, checkboxes, file input
    • Spinner with mousewheel support
    • Multiselect and single select
    • Select2 dropdowns with/without search
    • Multiple selects
    • iOS like Bootstrap toggles
    • Masked inputs
    • Listbox with filtering
    • Advanced HTML5 inputs
    • Form layouts: vertical, horizontal, bordered, separated, inside/outside panel
    • 12 columns responsive inputs grid
    • WYSIWYG editor: inside panel, outside panel, inside modal.
    • Form validation
    • Multiple file uploader with drag/drop support
    • Custom form snippets
  • Advanced datatables:
    • Inside and outside panel
    • Bordered datatable
    • Striped datatable
    • Hover cell datatable
    • Condensed datatable
    • Bordered and striped datatable
    • Datatable with tools menu
    • 2 types of pagination
    • Datatable with selectable rows
  • Interface components:
    • Modals: default dialog, iconified modal, modal with form, with table, with remote path, with tabs, with WYSIWYG editor, large/small modals.
    • jGrowl notifications
    • Custom CSS3 animated loading spinners
    • Themed progress bars
    • Alerts and alert blocks
    • Contextual backgrounds and text colors
    • 4 direction tooltips
    • 4 direction popovers
    • jQuery UI datepicker
    • jQuery UI sliders set
    • Bootstrap color picker
    • Time picker
    • Themed labels and badges
    • Pagination: large, medium, small, left/center/right aligned, double.
    • Pager: boxed, unboxed.
    • Dropdown and dropup menus with 2 icon positions
    • Tabs and pills: default, justified, page tabs, toolbar tabs, iconified navs
    • Accordion and toggle groups
    • Nav lists
    • Stacked tabs and pills
    • Media groups: basic text and linked items
    • Panel heading options: buttons, labels, badges, icons, dropdowns, spinners etc.
    • Themed panels
    • Panels with additional elements
    • 2 navbar options: light and colored
    • Custom template and default Bootstrap navbar elements: links, buttons, dropdowns, forms etc.
    • Custom info blocks: charts, widgets, grid buttons, bars etc.
    • 850+ custom icon glyphs
    • Extended buttons: 6 colors, icon button, block button, 3 sizes, with dropdowns and dropups etc.
    • Syntax highlighting
    • Emphasys styles
    • List styles
    • Page header elements: progress bar, buttons, search input, selects, charts etc.
  • Template layouts:
    • Wide left sidebar (default tempate layout)
    • Wide right sidebar
    • Left narrow sidebar
    • Right narrow sidebar
    • Wide sidebar with left aligned icons
    • Collapsed by default sidebar
    • Fixed navbar
    • Horizontal navigation
    • Horizontal navigation with sidebar
    • Sidebar with disabled navigation items
  • Task manager:
    • Task grid
    • Table with tasks
    • Task detailed page: times, description, comments, Add comment form, assigned users, custom toolbars and info.
  • User options:
    • Team page: boxed, unboxed layouts and custom table with users
    • Contact list: list of users with chat layout, table with contacts.
    • User profile page with pills: activity, messages, user list, invoices etc.
  • Support related pages:
    • FAQ’s layout page: list of suestions/answers, search field, contact form.
    • Chat with tabs: user list as a tabs
    • Chat with contacts: user list with option buttons
    • Static tables: default, bordered, striped, condensed, inside and outside panel
    • Custom static tables: with table footer, with checkboxes, with toolbar, inside tabs, pre-scrollable
    • Custom table controls: labels, buttons, selects, button and icon groups, progress bars, multiselect, spinner, dropdowns
    • Dynamic tables: inside/outside panel, bordered, striped, striped and bordered, hover cells, condensed
    • Advanced datatables: with selectable rows, with pager, with tools menu, with columns filtering
  • Flot charts: horizontal and vertical bars, simple charts, animated charts, pie charts, auto updating charts etc.
  • Search page with search results
  • Invoice template: paid and pending
  • Table with list of invoices
  • 2 login pages: simple login page and login page with user profile image
  • Error pages:
    • 403 error
    • 404 error
    • 405 error
    • 500 error
    • Website is offline
    • Error page with sidebar
  • Blank pages:
    • Left wide sidebar
    • Right wide sidebar
    • Narrow sidebar
    • Collapsed sidebar by default
    • Full width page
Responsive Bootstrap v3 Admin Template
Responsive Bootstrap Admin Template

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Londinium - Responsive Bootstrap v3 Admin Template
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