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Jan 27, 2014

Responsive Theme for Journalism Magazine style

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Hopkirk is a journalism / magazine style theme with both section and article layouts. It's colourable to match your brand, built with LESS to be easily configured and supports retina displays. 

The article layout is provided by the Packery library, leading to a clean tightly packed display of articles. The theme contains transparency effects, a news ticker, image effects (such as a kinetic film grain filter) and javascript lazy loading

Other templates such as product displays, team pages, login, contact pages and pricing tables are provided to help extend Hopkirk beyond it's original role as a magazine style theme.

Hopkirk - Journalism / Magazine Style Theme Features

News Grid

The grid is generated with packery.js. See for more details. Articles are placed in rough order, but preference is given to the 'best fit', with items taking up available space to create a clean compact layout. The news grid also has a solution for displaying comments within the grid itself.

News Ticker

It wouldn't be news without up to the minute updates... a simple ticker system displays the latest headlines in the theme header.

CSS & LESS Files

All theme elemets are organised into seperate LESS files and pre-complied. Theme colour variations can be found in the 'style-variations' folder, within the main CSS folder. The main template variables such as the accent or 'brand' colour can be found in the theme-variables.less file. Changing just a few values in this file can alter the look of the theme.

Image Filter Effects

A dot overlay provides some texture to article images and also helps to maintain a consistant style across the theme... the overlay can be added to any image in the theme. The carousel (just a regular bootstrap carousel with a few style tweaks) contains a film grain filter. This can either be removed or added to other images in the template.

Retina Support

The retina.js script automatically replaces images on the page with high-resolution variants for displays that have a high DPI.

Pricing Tables and Simple Product Display

Additional pricing tables and a product display will help you to extend the theme beyond it's original purpose... perhaps as a product showcase or business theme.


A Packery (See above for infomation on packery.js) gallery arranges images in a responsive grid that's more interesting on the eye than rows of evenly shaped thumbnails!

Leaflet Map

The leaflet map on the contact.html page is a nice alternative to a regular Google map.


Add a lightbox to any link easily by adding a 'lightbox' class to the anchor element. 

Hopkirk - Journalism / Magazine Style Theme  (DEMO & DOWNLOAD)

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Responsive Theme for Journalism Magazine style
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