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Dec 8, 2013

Controlfrog - Meaningful metrics template

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Controlfrog helps you focus on your key metrics by taking them and displaying them in a meaningful, easily digestible way. Equally at home on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop, TV or huge projector, Controlfrog brings clarity to your data.
Features of Controlfrog - Meaningful metrics
  • Fully responsive - all modules work in all layouts at all sizes. There are no predefined fixed width layouts, Controlfrog simply fills as much space as it can.
  • 11 modules - and more on the way, Controlfrog provides plenty of options for displaying your data. Each module is thoroughly tested in each layout, and there are the test pages for you to see.
  • 4 Layouts - Choose from one of four layouts which have been crafted to give your data meaning.
  • 2 styles - Don't like the black theme, no problem go with the white instead!
  • Extensive documentation - Every module explained, from the HTML used to create it as well as any JavaScript used.
Controlfrog - Meaningful metrics (DEMO & DOWNLOAD) 

11 Interchangeable Modules

Time and date:
Displays the current time and date in either 12hr or 24hr format.
Time and date
Single value metric and change:
Displays a single metric and a value of change, either up or down.
Single value metric and change
Single value metric, change and sparkline:
Displays a single metric, a value of change and a sparkline.
Single value metric, change and sparkline
Single value pie chart / donut:
Displays a single value pie or donut chart.
Single value pie chart / donut
Display a gauge with a needle pointing at a specified number between two bounds.
Line chart:
Displays a line chart.
Line chart
Pie chart:
Displays a pie chart with legend.
Pie chart
Displays items in a carousel. This implementation shows a how a Twitter feed might appear.
Funnel chart:
Displays a funnel of n steps with corresponding value and label.
Funnel chart
R.A.G Bars:
Displays a chart with three bars, Red, Amber and Green along with a corresponding value and label.
R.A.G Bars
Yes / No:
Displays either a big 'Yes' or a big 'No'.
Yes / No


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Controlfrog - Meaningful metrics template
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