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Nov 13, 2013

55 Popular Ghost Themes and Template

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Ghost is a free, open, simple new blogging platform that's available to anyone who wants to use it. It's created and maintained by John O'Nolan + Hannah Wolfe + an amazing group of contributors.

Ghost allows you to write and publish your own blog, giving you the tools to make it easy and even fun to do. It's simple, elegant, and designed so that you can spend less time messing with making your blog work - and more time blogging. Ghost is a fully responsive web application that works on all devices. Here are the collection of Popular Ghost Themes and Template:

1. Curious - Blog and Magazine Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)
Blog and Magazine Ghost Theme

Curious is a well-structured, content-focused and easy to set up Ghost theme with a bold design. To make your content look outstanding Curious provides big cover images for posts, tags and author pages, custom styles for quotes (standard, left aligned, right aligned) and image alignment (standard, wide, left aligned, right aligned). It's a perfect for an online magazine, journal or even a personal blog.

2. Nurui - Multipurpose Ghost Blog Theme   (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Nurui is a Ghost theme with a sleek and modern design. Personal or professional, lifestyle blog, culinary blog, or design blog. Nurui will easily fit it all, an online journal or a magazine..

3. Yokai - Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Yokai is a nice responsive retina-ready theme for your Ghost blog.

4. Futura - Responsive Minimal Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Futura is a clean minimal & modern content focus theme for ghost blogging platform. Featuring an image or an audio or a video in your post is very simple as 1-2-3… Using Futura you can setup a beautiful personal blog.

5. Cedar - Responsive Ghost Theme  (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Cedar is a clean responsive designed for the best blogging experience on Ghost platform.

6. Paperleaf - Multipurpose Ghost Theme  (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Paperleaf is clean and minimal Ghost theme that you can use for many different types of websites. It can power blog, portfolio, recipes collection, books reading list, links list...all comes down to the idea you have on your mind.

7. Eston - A Simple Notebook Theme  (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

A simple, notebook inspired, theme for Ghost. Includes four colour schemes to kick start your customisation. The perfect theme for fans of notebooks or clean design. Show off latest posts, Dribbble Shots or Instagram Photos! Let visitors comment on your posts with Disqus Comments or share them with Shares.

8. Daily News - Magazine and Blog Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Daily News is a unique, magazine style content focus theme for ghost blogging platform. Daily News you can setup a beautiful magazine or journal website. This theme is multi-user ready so you can setup a multi-user blog or journal with no extra effort.

9. Nubia - Blog and Magazine Ghost 3.0 Theme  (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Nubia is the top new best selling and reviewed Ghost theme on the market. Nubia created for those who want to create a beautiful online magazine, company, personal, tech, or a news blog. Nubia is all about building unique, fast, creative and professional Ghost powered website.

10. Polar - Minimal Blog and Magazine Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Polar is clean content focus theme for ghost blogging platform. This theme is multi-user ready so you can setup a multi-user blog or journal with no extra effort. Polar is suitable for any kind of personal or travel, hobby, tutorial blog / magazine.

11. Chroma - A Colorful Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)
Chroma is a clean and colorful theme built exclusively for the Ghost blogging platform. It’s fully responsive making your posts look great on everything from smart phones to desktop PCs.

12. Eidolon - Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Eidolon is a brand new theme for a brand new blogging platform. Packed with cutting edge solutions and built using HTML5 & CSS3, Eidolon is the perfect solution for your Ghost based blog.

13. Toffee - A Pin-Board Style Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Toffee is a tidy pin-board style theme built for the Ghost blogging platform. It features a stylish masonry grid layout inspired by Pinterest and slick AJAX post loading on the homepage. It’s also responsive so it looks great everywhere!

14. Gamma Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Gamma is beautiful minimal Ghost theme built for blogging. The minimal design focus on the basics like great typography, spacing, and readability . These elements combine to provide a simple and enjoyable reading experience. Gamma is fully responsive and retina ready. Easy to use and customize.

15. Retro Ghost: Old-School Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Retro Ghost Theme is a Old-School looking, retro style blog design. Packed with nice features like optional featured image for every post.  Theme is fully responsive and also retina ready.

16. Timeline - Minimal & Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

This theme is Minimal, Parallax, 100% responsive for Ghost Blogging CMS. Youtube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Kickstarter video support.

17. Banquo - Clean & Flat Ghost Theme for Writers (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Banquo is fully responsive theme for blogging platform Ghost. Banquo’s flat design is clean and modern. Theme comes with 4 fantastic color themes: Emerald, Bright Red, Sunflower and Bright Blue.

18. Chimera - Clean Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Chimera Ghost Theme is perfect for bloggers. The theme has a fixed author bio on the sidebar which always display your personal bio or description you put in on Ghost admin. Responsive and Retina support is packaged with the theme. Uses Entypo icons for a clearer, crispier looking icons. Documentation included.

19. Flatted Responsive & Flat Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Flatted is a Theme for the new Ghost CMS. It's easy to add and edit content, change Blog Logo and Cover Images and edit your User Account.

20. Fruity - Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Fruity is a responsive theme for the new blogging platform Ghost.

21. mots. - A tasteful, responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Built upon the simplicity and awesomeness of Ghost, mots. focuses on what you love to do most: write.  Write well, write beautifully, write responsively!

22. Parade - Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Parade is a responsive Ghost theme. and it looks beautiful at any screen size.

23. Typastic: Responsive Multi-Purpose Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Typastic is a lightning fast, elegant, fully responsive, retina ready theme, which will look great on desktop and as well on tablet or mobile devices. It has 3 color themes, you can choose the color which suits you better: white, orange or black.

24. Goody: Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Goody is a responsive theme made for Ghost. It comes with a flat design and it works amazing on mobile and desktop. Goody is just the ideal solution for bloggers!

25. Heroic: A Timeline Ghost Blog Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Heroic is a timeline based theme for the new Ghost Blogging Platform. It included FitVids.js to rescale any YouTube or Vimeo content, the rest is good old CSS3 animations and transitions.

26. Huckleberry Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Huckleberry is a minimalist, AJAX-driven Ghost theme designed for writers who want their content to take front and centre.

27. Aeroplane - Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Aeroplane is an elegant, simple and minimalist theme for Ghost blog engine. 100% responsive and mobile friendly, responsive video and images.  It supports Blog Logo and thumbnails too! So you can easily set video or image (or even SoundCloud widget) as Post Thumbnail. Simple YouTube/Vimeo/Kickstarter/SoundCloud integration.  Ideal for personal, company or product blog, portfolio.

28. Banshee Flat Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Banshee is a Flat , Responsive, Ghost blogging template. It is complete set of modern standards and top notch design. Built on twitter bootstrap 3.0 . Ghost is a new and easy way to blog, You can use this theme with the ghost blog system.

29. Blogr - Simple Blog Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Blogr is a wonderful Ghost Theme, for Bloggers, Freelancer, Developers, Designers.. well… For everyone, that want to write random stuff and post it on the webz. Fully responsive and Mobile First, this Theme adapts to every device, from Smartphone, Tablet to Desktop.

30. Epopeo - Tile Based Design for Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Epopeo Theme is tile based, modern blog design for Ghost blogging platform.  Theme is fully responsive and also retina ready. Theme includes HTML files as well as Photoshop PSD files.

31. Almera Minimalist Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Almera Minimalist Responsive Theme is perfect for bloggers who would want to focus on writing and have a simple, clean theme that’s not too fancy. It has a Responsive layout which works well in any devices and viewports.

32. Aperture - The First Photography Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Aperture is responsive photography theme for Ghost CMS. 

33. Fixy: A Simple & Sexy Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Fixy is a simple and sexy responsive theme for the elegantly simple Ghost platform. And if you don’t upload a blog cover image, you’ll just get a lovely flat red colour on the header/sidebar with no semi-transparent zones.

34. Kizu - Minimal Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Kizu is a minimal responsive based theme for the Ghost blogging platform. Produced using the latest web standards and technologies. With responsive layout, the theme adapts to the devices size along with high resolution icons and graphics to look pixel perfect even on retina displays.

35. Specter - Clean Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Specter is a clean, fully responsive theme for Ghost.

36. Curri Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Curri Ghost theme is a simple but eye catching Ghost blog theme with many slick features. The theme is built with Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 and features a timeline blog list with 5 different timeline styles to choose from. Behind the design, the theme supports both Facebook & Twitter meta tags & provides rich snippets support ( to make your theme stand out in search results.

37. Ghex - HoneyComb Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Ghex is a new minimal honeycomb styled theme for Ghost, it’s fully responsive and extra-ready for Iphone/Ipad. It can use any Image, Youtube or Vimeo as “Featured Image”.

38. Inky Blog - Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Inky Blog is a fully responsive theme for the Ghost blogging platform.

39. Paper & Pencil - Notepad Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)  

Paper & Pencil is a fun little theme for the new Ghost blogging platform. It does look like a real pieces of paper with some photos snapped on. It will help you reveal your inner writer with the power of Markdown.

40. Penoolis - Responsive Parallax Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Penoolis is a personal blog theme for Ghost platform. This Ghost theme is designed for bloggers or writers who like something personal for their blog.

41. Roboto Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Roboto is a clean and minimal Premium Ghost theme made for your Personal Blog  Roboto is fully responsive ghost theme, you can upload your logo and cover image with ease in ghost admin section.

42. Banshee - Responsive Ghost Template (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Banshee is a simple, content focused template for the new Ghost Blogging Platform, based on Skeleton framework.

43. Bluebird blog - responsive Ghost Template (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Bluebird blog is a fully responsive theme for the Ghost blogging platform.

44. Chronicle - Ghost Template (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Chronicle has a wonderful sense of character that compliments storytelling, as you share with the world the greatest adventures you have ever embarked upon.

45. Clae - A Responsive Ghost Template (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

It's a clean, simple, responsive HTML 5 Theme for Ghost.

46. Demon'strate - Responsive Ghost Portfolio Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Demon’strate is a powerful Ghost theme for your blog and portfolio (or just for blog).

47. Fairy - A Clean Minimal Ghost Template (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD) 

Fairy is a Clean Minimal Theme for Ghost blogging platform.Base on Bootstrap 3.0, Support Social Box, Easy to post image, video, soundcloud, easy to customize, support syntax highlighter and disqus, comment.

48. Friendly Responsive Ghost CMS Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Friendly is a Theme for the new Ghost CMS. At the bottom of any post detail site you’ll have 3 social share buttons to share your content on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and some information about the post author (name, linked if available and description).

49. GhostWall - Clean Theme For Ghost (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

GhostWall is a clean and simple theme for Ghost, it was created by using the latest techniques. Include 6 widget that you can easy custom your blog.

50. Responsive Journalist Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Journalist is a minimalistic ribbon based Ghost Theme. Specially designed for writers who are looking for simple theme with content up front.  With Journalist you can easily embed any king of media: video, maps, sound cloud files etc. The theme is fully responsive & retina ready.

51. Justly Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Justly theme is clean and responsive text oriented blog design for the Ghost blogging platform. Utilizes a unique responsive column layout with fully justified text.

52. Kuntilanak - Ghost Theme for Writers (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Kuntilanak theme is Ghost theme for writers. It adopts the experience of real books. Set the logo and cover, and you are ready to go with Kuntilanak Theme.

53. Me Squared - Beautiful Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Me Squared gives you a simple and elegant way to showcase your blogging content. Me Squared comes pre-loaded with MailChimp integration right out the box. All you have to do is replace 1 string within the template, and your done.

54. Mono Responsive Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Mono is a simple, clean, responsive theme for Ghost platform. Suitable for daily blogging and Journalism. 

55. Venkman - A Clean, Modern Ghost Theme (DEMO  & DOWNLOAD)

Venkman is a beautifully styled Ghost theme. Eye-catching with modern, subtle design elements, and gorgeous, complementary typography, created not to overpower your content.

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55 Popular Ghost Themes and Template
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