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Oct 5, 2013

Genyx - Responsive Admin Template

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Genyx admin is powerful template based on popular Twitter Bootstrap framework, template is great time saver for your next project.

Fully responsive as well, tested form phone to full HD monitors.

Genyx - Responsive Admin Template (DEMO  ! DOWNLOAD

Genyx - Responsive Admin Template Features
  • Fully responsive design
  • Fixed width version
  • Two columns layout with minimize sidebar feature.
  • Integrated Flot charts - Lines, Circles (custom made it), donut, pie, bars, horizontal bars, stacked bars, ordered bars, auto updating chart.
  • Jquery sparklines (bars, lines, pies)
  • Styled form elements
    1. Custom checkboxes and radio fields
    2. Text fields - password, read only , tooltip , placeholder, disabled input field , predefined value, max lenghts, tags, simple text area, auto grow text area, text area with limiter, WYSIWYG Editor, masked input fields
    3. Swith style checkboxes and radios
    4. Selects - simple select, select with filter, select with search fields, multi select, dual multi select, multi select with filter.
    5. Spinners - normal spinner, with currency, with steps, Spinner with decimals and step.
    6. Pickers - color, date , time picker.
    7. Form wizzard with steps and validation, vertical style with custom icons.
    8. Validation - required field, min lenght, max lenght and etc all types.
  • Typography- Headings, links, tags, cursive text, underline text, color text - 5 predefined colors, blockquote, codeview, 14 list types with custom icon and colors, badges and labels.
  • Grid system - Fluid grid system 12 columns
  • Tables - static and dynamic. (Tables are responsive too).
  • Boostrap gallery style.
  • Calendar - simple as widget and with drop items.
  • Icons - 1200+ font-face icons icomoon worth 59$ (any color or size).
  • Buttons - normal buttons, small buttons, big buttons, buttons with icons, buttons with notification, buttons with status change, different states, action buttons.
  • Notification - jGrowl like  notification and static notification (5 types - normal, success, error, info, warrning).
  • Tooltips and popovers.
  • Ui dialogs and modals.
  • Paginations and breadcrumb.
  • Ajax loaders - more in <>
  • Progress bars - simple ,animated with delay, updating in every 2 seconds, 5 colors.
  • Sliders - simple , range slider, minimum value , maximum value, circular typ (all are touch friendly).
  • File manager with upload and only uploader.
  • Widgets:Closed by default,Plain widget,With custom scroll,Collapsible,With icons,With loaders,,badges and labels,With progress bars,With search fields ,With sparklines.,With buttons and checkboxes,With tables , checkboxes and mass action button.
  • Calendar widget,Todo list.,Weather widget, social stats widget, Overview widget, sidebar widgets, Spark line stats, Send Private messages widget, Recent Activity, Recent users, Wizzard with steps, Contact widget, Messages layout, Typeahead widget.
  • Error pages - 403,404,405, 500,503, offline page.
  • Other pages - blank page, email page, profile page, invoice page, search page, faq page.
  • Google maps

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Genyx - Responsive Admin Template
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