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Jul 11, 2014

Down to Business Premium Mura CMS Theme

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Down to Business is a Premium Mura CMS Theme. These theme is fully responsive built With Bootstrap 3 with CSS3 / LESS, Super Customizable, Pre-configured component types, Dynamic Feeds & Sliders, Photo Gallery, Contact Forms, Blog Layout, Font Awesome Integration, Detailed Documentation. 

This site is fully deployable with the Mura CMS bundle! All you need to do is install the bundle on a fresh instance of Mura CMS, and you’ve got sample content ready to edit!

Down to Business - Premium Mura CMS Theme  

Down to Business - Premium Mura CMS Theme Features

Premium Mura CMS Theme
  • - Calendar and Events 
  • - Password Protected Pages 
    Screenshot: Mura CMS Template
  • - Form Builder 
  • - Reusable Components 
  • - Many Different Navigation Options 
  • - Front End Editing 
  • - Mailing Lists 
  • - Comments 
  • - Tag Cloud 
  • - Robust Content Categorization and Tagging 
  • - Content Rating 
  • - Content Scheduling & Versioning
Down to Business Premium Mura CMS Theme
  • Blogger Comments
  • Facebook Comments


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